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Baradla Cave Intermediate Red Lake Tour



About the Tour

Distance: 2 300 m
Duration: 100 minutes
Max. number of visitors: 50 pers./group

The tour takes guests along the longest lit section of the Baradla Cave. The tour both departs and terminates at the Jósvafő Ticket Office, and takes approximately 100 minutes to traverse.

The majority of the route follows the stream bed of the Styx Creek, where, following heavy rainfall or snow melt, the really water rumbles along. The route winds through immensely colourful stalactite columns, flags and stalagmites until eventually one comes to Hungary’s tallest 19 m stalagmite called the “Observatory.” Other highlights include the Dragon’s Head and the cave’s largest chamber, The Hall of Giants where you will get a taste of the room’s fantastic acoustics.

More Information: About the cave



Tour Times

23rd June - 31st August 2020

10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00



Prices and Discounts

Full Prices Discount 1 Nursery School/
Chaperone Ticket 2


2900 HUF/person 2200 HUF/person 300 Ft/person




1 Conditions for discounted tickets:

  • 6 - 14 year-old children,
  • Students with valid student ID card, and
  • retired person


2 Conditions for nursery school and chaperone tickets:

  • 3 - 6 years children,
  • Adults accompanying disabled visitors (1 person per disabled guest, 2 people for those in wheelchairs),
  • Adult or student groups of more than 20, one discounted ticket. For nursery school groups, 1 discounted ticket for groups larger than 5 (for every 5 people in the group, the sixth person qualifies for a discount),
  • Bus driver for groups of more than 20, maximum 1 discounted ticket,
  • Translator for a non-Hungarian speaking tour group.



Important Informations

Tickets are available at the ticket office located at the Red Lake (not Aggtelek or Jósvafő) cave entrance.
The tour is conducted along well-lit concrete paths.

The average temperature in the cave is +10°C/50°F, therefore appropriately warm clothing and footwear is recommended!
Please be advised that the route employs nearly 600 stairs laid out between several sections.
Although the tour departs from Red Lake, it terminates at the Jósvafő exit. Therefore, transportation of drivers of the participants back to Red Lake by the Park is included in the ticket price.


GPS koordinates: N48°28,3359'    E020°32,3398'

The Red Lake cave entrance (Red mark on the map) is halfway between Jósvafő and Aggtelek. From the parking lot, follow the gravel path about 200 m to the Visitor's Centre.


Baradla Cave, Red Lake Ticket Office: (+36) 48-350-037, (+36) 48-350-048
Tourinform Office, Aggtelek: (+36) 48-503 -000


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