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Guided Surface Tours

Guided Surface Tours in and around Aggtelek
Ecological tours on botanical and zoological themes run year round, as well as special seasonal tours such as the Leafy Forest Tour and the Fragile Beauties Tour. Special tours are also organised in honour of specific holidays on the environmental calendar such as World Water Day, Earth Day, World Day for Preservation of Historical Monuments, European National Parks Day, the Day of Birds and Trees and World Meteorology Day. Both the common and the rare bounties of nature in all their splendour are highlighted on these tours: flowering plants, fire salamanders, butterflies, orchids, birds of prey... The tours are guided by Aggtelek National Park staff. Advanced booking is only necessary for spots on the special tours, not the regular tours.
In addition to the Bódvarákó settlement, Esztramos was also once the site of extensive mining operations.  Due to the mines, this area used to be closed to visitors. One of the most beautiful landscapes of the area opens up over the Bódva Valley from the top of this 300 meter (984 foot) hill. Guests may only visit the site in the escort of either an Aggtelek National Park tour guide or ranger.
Tickets to visit the former mining territory cost 400 HUF/person. However, if you have already purchased a tour of the Rákóczi Cave on the day, this gains you access to the rest of the site for free (with escort).
Tickets and Information:
Tel: (+36)-48-350-011
Email: aggtelek@tourinform.hu
This 4-hour special guided tour focuses on the zoology, botany and cultural history of the protected Kelemér peat-bog lakes. The tour is completed with visits to the Mihály Tompka Museum and Kelemér’s Calvinist church, a protected monument. Besides the tour, visitors can also participate in lectures on nature protection at the Peat-Bog House and open-air biology lessons.

Advanced booking is required at least 7 days in advance.
Mr. János Szilágyi, Tel: +36-30/631-1722
E-mail: aggtelek@tourinform.hu

Tickets and Tour Departure: Peat-Bog House, Táncsics Mihály u. 129, Kelemér
Ticket Price: 700 Ft/person
Discounted Tickets (students, retired persons): 400 Ft/person
Further information about Kelemér and its environs can be found here.
Students, senior citizens, members of the Hungarian Hikers Association, the Hungarian Naturefriends Association and the Hungarian Karst and Cave Research Society are entitled to a 50% discount from the tours upon presentation of their ID at a ticket office. One free chaperone ticket is available in cases where there is a child under 6, groups of more than 15 children, or a handicapped person.
During the walk through the village, visitors can admire the harmony between Aggtelek’s natural and man-made cultural environment. Guests will learn about the ancient settlement that once stood here, gain an understanding of the characteristic features of the folk architecture and buildings, and study the characteristics of the traditional peasant farming methods and tools.
The tour departs from the Baradla Cave entrance in Aggtelek, continues through the village proper, and eventually winds back to the starting point approximately 2 hours later.
The route: Baradla Cave entrance (Aggtelek) – Baradla-tető– Tó-hegy (karrmező) – Aggtelek Lake – bell tower – Calvinist church – cemetery– working farmhouse – Baradla Cave entrance.
Tasting of local delicacies in the village can be arranged independently.
Ticket Prices: 800 Ft/adult, 600 Ft/students and retired persons
Advanced Booking:
This tour is organised by the Aggtelek local authority.
Contact: Mrs. Szűcs Istvánné

Guided Surface Tours in and around Jósvafő
The following tours are available with advanced booking:
1. Village Museum (with local guide)
Jósvafő’s Village Museum won “Museum of the Year” in 2007!
Ticket Prices: 500 Ft/adult, 300 Ft/students and retired persons
2. Guided Cultural History Walk
This 500 m walk (50 m change in elevation) meanders around the village for approximately 1 hour.
Route: Calvinist church – old town square – local museum.
Ticket prices: 700 Ft/adult, 500 Ft/students and retired persons
Departure: from the old town square in front of the local museum (Ófalui-főtérről, tájház előtti tér)

3. Short Guided Old Village Walk
The 1.5 km walk (100 m change in elevation) lasts approximately 2 hours.
Route: bell tower and cemetery with carved wooden grave markers – Jewish cemetery – Calvinist cemetery (observation point with view) – Calvinist Church – Hussite House   – Manor House Environmental Education and Hucul Horse Riding Centre – Jósvafő Environmental Education School – old village square – local museum.
Ticket Prices: 1000 Ft/adult, 700 Ft/students and retired persons
Departure: from the old town square in front of the local museum (Ófalui-főtérről, tájház előtti tér)

4. Long Guided Old Village Walk
The 2.5 km long (100 m change in elevation) tour lasts approximately 3 hours.
Route: Baradla Cave entrance (Jósvafő) by the Tengerszem Hotel and Restaurant – Baradla Lower Caves and Jósva Spring – Tengerszem Lake – mill sluices –  Nyitott Szín* – bell tower and cemetery with carved wooden grave markers –Jewish cemetery – Calvinist cemetery (observation point with view) – Calvinist Church – Hussite House – Manor House Environmental Education and Hucul Horse Riding Centre – Jósvafő Environmental Education School – old village square – local museum.
Ticket Prices: 1100 Ft/adult, 800 Ft/students and retired persons
Departure: Baradla Cave entrance (Jósvafő)

The ticket price includes the fee for the tour guide, necessary entrance fees and all other incidental expenses.
If you wish to expand your above-ground tour options, please also explore the local cuisine, horse drawn carriage (or sleigh) rides, environmental education, ethnographic and art programmes.
For more information and advanced booking:
Mr. Béla Berecz
Tel: +36-30-331-1722
E-mail: berecz_bela@freemail.hu
*a wooden bungalow that is constructed so that it's roof and walls open up and create a comfortable and scenic space for various activities, such as folk arts, tasting local delicacies and concerts.
The 3-6 hour roundtrip from Jósvafő takes visitors through the exceptional karst topography of the region. Along the way, you will become acquainted with some local residents, the cultural history, traditional ways of life, and if you desire, the local cuisine. The Szőlőhegy Vineyards are approximately 3 km from the village.  
Learn about the natural treasures and cultural history of the Gömör-Tornai-karst Region on this approximately 4 hour, 4.5 km walk (150 m difference in elevation).

Departure: This guided tour is only available by advanced booking. Please meet in the old town square of Jósvafő in the garden of the small wooden house called “Nyitott Szin.”
Optimal group size: 5-40 people.
Ticket Prices: 1200 Ft/adult, 800 Ft/students and retired persons. Includes the fee for the guide, visit to the vineyard, and all incidental costs.

Tasting the local cuisine and wines, educational programmes, and ethnographic courses are available upon request, the costs to be discussed with the guide depending on your requirements.
Booking and Additional Information:
Mr. Béla Berecz
Tel: +36-30/3311-722
answering machine/fax: +36-48-350-053
E-mail: berecz_bela@freemail.hu



Zemplén Nature Reserve Tours and Trails
Fixed Tours:
Gönc - Pauline Monastery – Gönc (8 km – 4 hours)
The ruin of the Pauline Monastery in Gönc is located about 320 m above sea level in the Zemplén Mountains. The remains include a nave,shrine and tower. The monastery was founded by Lajos the Great in 1371. Its seven altars were consecrated in 1421. The monastery was looted and damaged during the Reformation. Stonemasons attempted to prevent further dilapidation in 1940. Archaeological research was conducted in 1985 and 2005.
Nagy-Kopasz (Big Bald) Hill in Tokaj (2-4 km – 1-2 hours)
The Tokaj Region is world-renowned for its wines which for centuries have born the royal seal. However, Tokaj is more than its wines. The landscape is just as glorious and unique as the famous nectar it is responsible for. A short hike takes us to the summit and a lovely panorama opens up across the Bodrogzug, Taktaköz cliffs, and the wonderful Zemplén ridge.
Bodrogzug Walking Tour (3 km – 2 hours)
The Bodrogzug is where the Bodrog and Tisza Rivers meet. This landscape is unique in Hungary for being the only area that still experiences regular flooding. Consequently, many of the area’s natural treasures have been undisturbed, and in 1989 the Tokaj-Bodrogzug Nature Reserve won RAMSAR site status for its extensive waterfowl habitats. The Bodrogzug is one of the finest canoeing areas in the country. The landscape is coloured by wet hay meadows, moors and oxbow lakes. Come admire the fabulously diverse bird and plant life.
Long Forest (2-3 km – 1-2 hours)
A short walk through the conservation area along the river and some of its dead branches in an area bounded by natural floodplain forest. Rich in flora and fauna, including a wide variety of rare protected tree species, it is a beautiful way to spend a morning.
Hejce – Sólyomkő – Amádé Castle - Gönc (9 km – 4-5 hours)
A short hike from Hejcé brings us to Sólyomkő, the country’s most beautiful and popular site for rock climbing. The 40 m high vertical volcanic rock face is perfect for the sport. The ruins of Amádé Castle resting upon the crags on the western side of Nagy-Amádé Hill 650 m above sea level have seen some interesting 14th century history. Of the once oval-shaped ring of ramparts, only some tower walls remain. A splendid view can be had north from the top of Amádé Hill.
Újhuta - Kőkapu (8 km – 4 hours)
This tour departs from Újhuta and terminates at a lake in Kőkapu. One can marvel from the shores of the lake at the century-old hunting lodge guarding the countryside from the heights. During the beginning of the last century, the surrounding countryside was utilised as hunting grounds. Today, the area still serves that function, but it is also ideal for those who crave a little peace and quiet, whispering forests and babbling brooks.
Újhuta - István-kúti Nyírjes – Nagy-Péter-mennykő - Mlaka-rét - Sólyomkő – Középhuta (10 km – half-day)
The largest and most strictly protected area in the Zemplén Nature Reserve incorporates the Háromhuta Mountains. The area consists of the Sólyom Crags to the southeast, across the Mlaka Meadow and István-kúti Nyírjes, the summit of Bagolybérc (Owl Crag), Kis-Péter-mennykő (Little Peter’s Thunderbolt), Nagy-Péter-mennykő (Peter the Great’s Thunderbolt) and Pengő-kő (Pengő Rock). A pleasant introduction to the splendours of the Zemplén Nature Reserve.


Castle Tours:


Hejce – Mogyoróska – Regéc Castle (8 km – 1 day)
The tour guides us from Hejce through the incomparable wildlife among the Fony Meadows, and the irises around Mogyoroska. Regéc Castle was built in the middle of the Zemplén Range upon a 624 m above sea level volcanic spur in or around 1300. Its golden age was under the Rákóczis, and Rákóczi Ferenc II lived here until the age of five. The view takes in sections of the Zemplén and Carpathian Mountains.
Boldogkő Castle - Boldogkőújfalu “Sea of Stones” (3 km – 2-3- hours)
Perched high upon an andesite mountaintop above the village of Boldogkőváralja is the north-south oriented oval-shaped stone fortress of Boldogkő. Follow the walkway along the knife-edge ridge of the so-called “Lion’s Rock,” leading to a magnificent lookout platform. After admiring the majestic castle, the route heads to the village museum, and then on to the unique sight of the “sea of stones” along Nagy-Korsós Hill. The 200-300 m andesite lava flow is a remnant of the Ice Age and is a rare geological display in Hungary. The formation was fractured into blocks of stone by successive frosts.
Hollóháza – Füzér - Pusztafalu (8 km – half-day-full day)
The tour departs from the northern end of the Zemplén Range in Hollóháza. The route passes by Füzér Castle atop a solitary volcanic cone. It was built according to the designs of "Blind" Anoronicus at the beginning of the 13th century. It was expanded in the 14th and 15th centuries. The entire castle hill is a protected historic site including its flora and fauna. A significant part of the castle walls are standing, the most intact structure being its beautiful, two-storey Gothic chapel. The tour terminates in Pusztafalu where one can admire the beautiful old houses and the traditional carved wooden headstones in the cemetary.
Zemplén Nature Reserve Office
3916 Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth út 30
Tel: +3630/6177387
Email: zemplentura@gmail.com
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