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Meet Mikulás (Santa) in the Baradla Cave


Meet Mikulás (Santa) in the Baradla Cave

Groups of nursery, kindergarten and school children (up until the approximate age of 10) are invited on our special Mikulás (Santa) Tour in the Baradla Cave. The tour follows the Jósvafő short tour route, but includes a remarkable meeting with Mikulás from whom every child will receive a gift bag.
Advanced Booking is required by November 20 for school groups, one day in advance for weekend family tours!

Dates: weekdays November 27– December 6

Departure Times: 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00

Location: Jósvafő

Meeting Point: Baradla Cave, Jósvafő entrance

Tickets: 1500 HUF/child (with gift package), adult (without gift); 200 HUF/teacher (with teacher ID, and in the company of 5 nursery school or 10 school children for one person per group. Minimum of 10 guests required for the tour to depart.

Distance and Duration: 1 km, 1 hour

Maximum number of people: 40 (30 children and 10 adults)

Weekdays are for school groups, whereas weekends are for families and individuals.

Advanced booking required by November 20th!

Tel: 48/506-009
Information and Advanced Booking: Tourinform-Aggtelek

Santa Tour Family Programme
Dates: December 2, 3, 5 and 6
Departure Time: on December 2 and 3 at 10:00/11:30/14:00; on December 5 and 6 at 16:30
Advanced Booking is required at least one day in advance. Tel: 48/506-009

Tickets: 1500 HUF/child (with gift package), adult (without gift)

Maximum number of people: 50

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