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Árva Bethlen Kata - Historical Drama, September 15


Árva Bethlen Kata - Historical Drama

Cast: Ágnes Kökényessy, Incze Máté

Director: Zsolt Pozsgai

This István Kocsis drama is the tragic story of a woman with unbroken faith and morals. The play reflects the typical life in XVII. century Transylvania and Hungary through experiences of one woman. The Reformation’s famous and notorious grand dame places her fate in the hands of God. Kata Bethlen’s life is a series of trials, and through most of it she held firmly to her beliefs. She had to choose between her faith and her family, family life, and even her children. The excellent writer, István Kocsis has created a role that many great actresses have found rewarding, This time Ági Kökényessy takes the stage as Kata Bethlen, while Máté Incze is in the role of a mysterious stranger.





Égerszög Calvinist Church

Date and Time:

September 15, 2017; 18:00



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