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Baradla Cave, Long Tour



About the Tour

Distance: 6,7 km
Duration: 4-5 hours

One of our most easily accessible and achievable adventure tours, visitors will traverse for about 4-5 hours along 6.7 km of the main branch of the Baradla Cave. The tour departs from the Aggtelek cave entrance and ticket office. Initially, the tour follows the route of the short tour through to the Concert Hall. From there, the path continues along the Rowing Lake to the dam. The adventure then truly begins! Along this undeveloped (no concrete walkways) and unlit section which sticks to the Red Lake Intermediate Tour route, you will be required at times to cross bridges and climb up and down stairways. Tour group members will carry their own lighting all the way through to the Red Lake exit. Highlights such as the unparalleled musical acoustics in the Concert Hall, and standing and gazing in the Hall of Giants, affords an unforgettable experience.

More information: About the Cave


Tour Times

Please be aware that advanced booking (at least 2 weeks) is required to participate on this tour. You may join an already booked tour, but this completely depends on the numbers. To book, or to try to join an already scheduled group, please inquire at the Tourinform Office.


Prices and Discounts

Full Price Discount 1 Full Tour Reservation
5000 Ft/person 3000 Ft/person 140.000 Ft (28 pcs. Full Price Ticket)

The tour departure a condition min. 10 full-price ticket (HUF 50,000) Purchase.

1 Conditions for discounted tickets:

  • 10 - 14 year-old children,
  • Hungarian and foreign students with valid student ID card, and,
  • retired person


The +1 Cave Discount: Visitors participating on the Baradla Long Tour qualify for a 50% discount on either the Imre Vass or Rákoczi Cave Tours. This offer is only valid on standard adult or discounted tickets, not for family, combination, or class trip tickets. Furthermore, the deal is only redeemable for two days following your Long Tour. Please present your used ticket stub at the Tourinform Office to qualify.



Important Informations


Tickets can be purchased at the Baradla Cave Aggtelek Entrance.

The average temperature in the cave is +10˚C/50˚F, and many sections are wet, slippery and muddy. Therefore, appropriately warm clothing and footwear is recommended!

Please bring your own battery-operated cordless torches (flashlights). For groups, lights are provided at no expense.

The tour departs from the Aggtelek entrance and terminates at the Jósvafő Ticket Office. The price of the ticket includes transportation by the Park back to the Aggtelek starting point.

Participants on this tour must be at least 10 years of age!

The tour is available the entire year (depending on the weather, for example it may not be possible if there is flooding). Advanced bookings must be made in writing (email is fine) at least 2 weeks prior. Moreover, a minimum of 10 people (maximum 30) is necessary before a tour may set out.



GPS coordinates: N48°28,2792'    E020°29,7262'

From the direction of Aggtelek or Trizs, turn left at the petrol (gas) station (turn right from the direction of Jósvafő) After about 500 m you will spot a 50 m high cliff face, at the base of which is located the ticket office and cave entrance (Yellow mark on the map). Parking is on the left.


Baradla Cave, Aggtelek Ticket Office: (+36) 48-503-003
Tourinform Office, Aggtelek: (+36) 48-503- 000

3759 Aggtelek, Baradla oldal 3
E-mail: naturinform.anp@gmail.com


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