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One of the pictures was made this morning in Szirmabesenyő. The time-elapsed image was uploaded by the csatloo55 server. The other image was taken by our colleague Sándor Rózsa - it was taken yesterday, but the conditions are similar today. Anyone who doesn’t believe it, come visit and see for yourself!

Which image is of Aggtelek National Park’s Red Lake (Vörös-tó)?

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MagtArt Arts Granary News

Two former Eszterházy estate granary buildings, one in Slovakia and one in Hungary, were renovated at a cost of 2 million Euro (2.6 million USD) by the Hungarian Aggtelek National Park and the Slovakian ALMA-Centre for the Restoration and Protection of Folk Architecture and Traditions


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A védelmi intézkedések következő üteméről szóló 207/2020. (V. 15.) Korm. rendelet alapján újabb könnyítések léptek életbe.