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Nomad Baradla Hostel and Campground

The Nomad Baradla Hostel and Campground 

Baradla oldal 1

3759 Aggtelek
Telefon: +36‐48/503‐005
Mobil: +36‐30/861‐9427
 E‐mail: info@szallas‐aggtelek.hu
Weboldal: www.szallas-aggtelek.hu

The Nomad Baradla Hostel and Campground is located right beside the Aggtelek entrance to the Baradla Cave ("Aggtelek Stalactite Cave"). Guests can choose between varying levels of accommodation and comfort depending on their requirements and budget. Possibilities include the rooms within the hostel building itself, the campground, the log cabin, and the new winter timber chalets.
The hostel and log cabins are open all year round. The campground and wooden houses are only open April 15 - October 15.

The campground and a reception area can be found by the large grassy area. A playground and large picnic site are also at your disposal. The Nomad is an ideal destination for class excursions, for which we offer discounted rates.
Inside, the Baradla Restaurant serves meals all day for individuals are any sized groups.

Booking, Prices and Other Information:

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