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October programs


Geotope Day Tour, Zemplén Nature Reserve

Led by a geologist, the hike in the central Zemplén area will take participants to Devil Valley (Ördög-völgy) to see opals, the Sólyom Crags (cryoplanative formations created by intensive frost action, lookout tower), rare plants at István-kúti Nyírjes, cryoplanative formations and lookout tower at Nagy-Péter-mennykő, and cryoplanative formations at Pengő-kő. Appropriate hiking footgear is recommended.
Date and Time: October 3, 2015; 09:45
The train will depart at 10:00!
Duration and Distance: 15 km, 6 hours
Location: central Zemplén, between the Sólyom Crags and Pengő Rock
Meeting Place: Pálháza, narrow-gauge railway stop across from the Megálló Fogadó, Dózsa Gy. u. 160
Tickets: Free
More information: Tourinform-Aggtelek

International Bird Watching Day

Aggtelek National Park Jointly organised by Aggtelek National Park and the local chapter of the Hungarian Ornithological Society (MME).
Ringing demonstration and bird watching.
Date and Time: October 3-4, all day
Location: bird-ringing camp, Szalonna
Duration: all day
Tickets: Free
More Information and Booking: Manor House Environmental Education Centre

World Animal Day

Aggtelek National Park Celebrating the gopher, Hungarian mammal of the year 2015.
Date and Time: October 5, 9:00
Location: Jósvafő
Meeting Point: Manor House Environmental Education Centre, Jósvafő
Duration: Tickets: Free
Advanced booking is required by October 1st.
More Information and Booking: Manor House Environmental Education Centre

Geotope Day Tour, Aggtelek National Park

Led by a geologist, participants will be taken on a tour along the Baradla Nature Trail between Aggtelek and Jósvafő to discover some of the natural wonders of the surface karst. Learn about the history and geologic processes of the area. Appropriate hiking footgear is recommended.
Date and Time: October 10, 2015; 10:00
Duration and Distance: 7 km, 4 hours
Location: Aggtelek Karst, between Aggtelek and Jósvafő
Meeting Place: village of Aggtelek, parking lot in front of the bell tower
Tickets: Free
More information: Tourinform Aggtelek

Mat the Goblin Investigates

Date and Time: October 11, 10:00
Play puppets walk in the footsteps of the lost Salamander Princess. Recommended for families with children between the ages of 5-12.
Location: Aggtelek, square in front of the Cave entrance
Meeting Point: Tourinform,.Aggtelek
Distance and Duration: 500 m, 1 hour Tickets: 1000 Huf/person, or 700 Huf/person if you come with a group of 10 or more people; 500 Huf/student or senior citizen; 2000 Huf/family
Maximum number of people: 30
Advanced booking is required by October 10th.
Tours will only depart if a minimum of 5 people or 5 full-price tickets are sold.
More Information and Booking: Tourinform, Aggtelek

20th Anniversary of Aggtelek National Park’s World Heritage Site Status

20% off adult ticket prices on all daily cave tours
Date and Time: October 20

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