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Dragon Picnic in Bódvalenke, the Fresco Village


Dragon Picnic in Bódvalenke, the Fresco Village

Back by popular demand, revel once again at the Dragon Picnic in Bódvalenke, one of the summer’s most colourful and cheerful one-day festivals. Picnic dragons are in the pipeline.

All day concerts, street music, local flavours, exhibitions and presentations!

The programme will include concerts by:

- Lashe Shave Budapest Gipsy Band
- Jaune Toujours
- Zoran Tairovic
- Romano Glaso
- Frankie Lato
- Bódvalenke Asszonykórus

...as well as outdoor guided tours, musical improvisation, dragon races, cooking together, jam sessions, mushroom picking, basket making, roaming the marshes and many other exciting programs.

Travel: the village is reachable by car, ride share and bus. A special bus will also leave Budapest in the morning and return in the evening.

Accommodation: charming guest houses and inns located in nearby villages, and camping options are also possible.

For more information: www.bodvalenke.eu https://www.facebook.com/events/126331857790903/

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