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The 5th Annual Zemplén Ecotour Race

April 26: The 5th Annual Zemplén Ecotour Race  
Organised by the Abaúj-Zemplén Értékeiért Közhasznú Egyesület and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Aggtelek National Park, this race is a team nature skills competition. All ages are welcome!
Please read the conditions carefully before registering. 
(Subject to change depending on the number of registered participants. Accompanying programmes will hopefully increase. Please monitor the organiser’s webpage for up-to-date news.)
April 25 (Friday):
Arrival of participants from further away that need to accommodation the night before are recommended to try the Hanyi Istók Turistaház in Pálháza. Pre-registration
Walk around Pálháza
Nature-themed films and talks

April 26 (Saturday):
Registration from 8:00. Teams start every 10-15 minutes after their registration.
Registration and starting point in the courtyard of the Hanyi Istók Turistaház. 
Every team will receive a paper map with the route when they start. Teams are expected to arrive back at the finish line/starting point between 12:00-15:00. Lunch (stew) will be served between 13:00-15:00. During this time, participants may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to observe aquatic life or listen to slide presentations on various nature themes.
Results and winners will be announced at 17:00.

Race Conditions:  
Registration deadline: April 22, 2014 by email or post with this downloadable form  
Meeting Point: Hanyi Istók Turistaház in Pálháza  


The proposed route will require teams to identify and digitally record 20-30 plants, animals and fungi species (final number yet to be determined). Of course, additional points may be earned by spotting and identifying additional species not on the required list (however, garden plants and pets are not accepted!).
The final list may not be published at this time because what may be actually seen on the day depends on weather, the season and other factors; and the final list should be as precise as possible.

Equipment is the responsibility of each individual team. Digital cameras, cables for downloading, and computers must be provided by the participants.

Bringing any guidebooks and materials to aid in the identification of species are also the responsibility of the team.
Picture quality is not important. Participants and judges must only be capable of identifying the species from the photo. Any and all means of identification may be employed (including guidebooks), however, outside assistance should be avoided.
In order to ensure smooth and quick verification of results, teams are requested to complete their work on the course and not during or after their arrival at the finish line.
Whoever has a laptop may upload their photos and present the laptop to the jury for verification.
The judges will award points on the basis of the digital photos submitted by each team. The jury will consist of experts from Aggtelek National Park and the Abaúj-Zemplén Értékeiért Közhasznú Egyesület.
Team Categories (3-5 person teams!):
I. Children: (elementary and middle school, ages 7-14, plus 1 chaperone teacher or parent who is neither a biologist or other expert)
II. Secondary school students: (ages 15-18, and grade 13 student ID)
III. Family
IV. Adult (trade school, college and university students)

Registration Fee:
300 HUF/person no matter what type of team.

The registration fee may be paid by bank transfer to the Abaúj-Zemplén Értékeiért Közhasznú Egyesület (account number: 10701403-67650994-51100005) or on the morning of the race during registration. Payment of a registration fee is also required for the chaperone for teams in the Children’s Team category.


First place winning teams from each category will receive tangible prizes. Everyone else will be rewarded with a fine experience in the beautiful outdoors. 

For more information, please see the organiser’s webpage.

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