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Baradla Chorus Festival


Baradla Chorus Festival

Tickets: FREE
Location: Aggtelek, Baradla Cave.
Information: Tourinform-Aggtelek, tel: 48 / 503-000, naturinform.anp@gmail.com

• Friday, June 1; 1730: opening concert at Aggtelek at the entrance to the Baradla Cave in the square in front of the Tourinform Office
• Saturday, June 2; 1800: Festival Concert in the Baradla Cave Concert Hall (entrance from Aggtelek)
• Sunday, June 3: Church Concerts.

Participating Choirs:
• Eötvös Loránd Elementary School of Balatonfüred, conductor - Margit Sallai Szücsné;
•Forrás Choir from Kerepes, conductor - Dóra Tápai;
• Music Lover’s Choir from Kaposvár, conductors: Dr. Anna Kerekesné Pytel and Jenő Horváth; and
• Forrás Choir from Miskolc, conductor - Ildikó Balásné Molnár

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