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Philip the Odd Winter Run, Feb. 24


Philip the Odd Winter Run

This eccentric stork was ringed as a hatchling on June 7, 2003 by an Italian researcher by the Ebro River in north-eastern Spain. The bird arrived in Hungary in 2006, decided to settle in the village of Bodrogkeresztúr, and has not left the region even once since, not even to winter elsewhere. Celebrate Philip’s loyalty/tenacity/stubbornness with us on his name day by joining us for the now traditional winter run held in his name.

Start Time:

February 24, 2018; 10:00


5 km

adult male, adult female, male youth and female youth (youth = under 18)

Entry Fee:
adults 500 HUF, free for youth competitors

(entry fee payable on the spot)

Further information available here:


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