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Rudabánya Geotour, National Geology Tour Week, Aggtelek National Park


Rudabánya holds a prominent place in prehistoric Hungary and the evolutionary history of early man. World famous prehistoric Remains of Rudapithecus hungaricus and Anapithecus hernyaki were discovered here in the 1960’s. The iron-rich area was covered by lake sediment 10 million years ago, and now forms part of the Aggtelek Karst.

The town and its surroundings have been settled since early times. The Celts probably mined iron ore and copper here during the Middle Ages, followed by the Slavs. Rudabánya’s significant development in the 14th century was due to the mining industry which mainly focused on the production of silver and copper. Eventually it became one of the seven most important mining towns in Upper Hungary. This was the town’s golden age.

Towards the end of the 19th century Rudabánya was transforming into an industrial settlement. Large-scale methods of iron ore mining were introduced. Between 1921 and 1985, this was the only iron ore mining and enrichment site in the country and employed thousands of people. Later on, until the closure of the mine in Alsótelekes, Rudabánya also processed gypsum in a small factory. Most of the industrial facilities associated with mining were dismantled and dismantled after the mine was closed.

Our tour starts from the Rudapithecus Visitor Centre before proceeding to former mining activity locations such as Andrássy 2, Andrássy 1, Andrássy 3. and Polyánka. We will provide field mineralogical knowledge and information on mining history during the hike. Our route will also pass through the town and the Regional Mining History Museum.

Date and Time: October 14, 10:00

Location: Aggtelek Karst

Meeting Point: Rudapithecus Exhibition Center

Duration and Distance: 6 km, 4 hours

Tickets: 1000 Huf/person, or 700 Huf/person if you come with a group of 10 or more people; 500 Huf/student or senior citizen; 2000 Huf/family

Recommended equipment: boots, hammer, magnifying glass and camera

Maximum number of people: 30

Places must be reserved. Tours will only depart if a minimum of 5 people or 5 full-price tickets are sold.

More Information and Booking: Tourinform-Aggtelek

Contact: Edit Domán, edit.doman@gmail.com, Guide – mining engineer István Horváth, tel: 30-685-4383

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