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Slovak Karst – Aggtelek Karst Bicycle Tour: July 29


The Slovak Karst Cycling Club (Gömörhorka) together with Aggtelek National Park is hosting their third annual cross-border bicycle tour.

Date and Time: July 29, 9:00

Meeting Point: Aggtelek

Distance and Duration: about 60 km, 4-5 hours

Route: Aggtelek-Kecső,-Borzova-Silica-Gombaszög- Pelsőc-Gömörhorka

Registration: 5 Euro or 1500 HUF, includes refreshments at the tour mid-point at Szilice and at the end in Gömörhorka at their village day celebration. Registration is required by July 25th.

More Information and Registration: Tourinform-Aggtelek,

Tel: 06/48-503-000, naturinform.anp@gmail.com

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