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Dr. György Dénes (1923-2015)


We are saddened to have to announce the passing away of Dr. György Dénes; jurist, historian, geographer, senior scientific advisor, a cave researcher and organiser of the First Secretary of the Hungarian Karst and Speleological Society (1958) and later honorary chairman. He was the founder and president of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service (1961). In addition, he was honorary president of the international cave rescue organisation. Dr. Dénes was also a board member of the Hungarian Geographical Society and the Hungarian Friends of Nature Association, past president of the Cave Tourism Committee, and President of the Friends of Meteor Tourist Association.

Among his many achievements, a few in particular should be highlighted. He founded the Meteor Speleological Group (later Department), and for decades organised successful domestic and foreign expeditions. Dr. Dénes explored the Meteor Cave and discovered a paleontological site at Esztramos, as well as carrying out successful research and exploration in the Baradla Cave (Raisz Branch), the Mátyás Hill Cave and the Szemlő Hill Cave. Furthermore, he participated in the discovery and subsequent exploration of the József Hill Cave.

Former editor of the Cave and Karst Research Prospectus, he published nearly three hundred books and studies on various subjects, including physical geography (karst morphology, cave genetics) and hydrography (karst hydrography, isotope hydrography), history and historical geography (such as results of Gömör-Torna Aggtelek Karst historical geographical research), as well as tourist guide books and travel guides.

Dr. György Dénes, researcher, scholar and lover of the Aggtelek Karst and one of the last polymaths died on April 30, 2015 at the age of 92 after an exemplary professional career in the natural sciences and nature conservation.

Rest in peace!

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