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X. Gömör Fruit Festival, September 22, 10:00-17:00

  • Handicrafts and local products fair
  • Gömör regional foods
  • Live Music
  • Fruit exhibition
  • Mushroom exhibition by the Miskolc Mushroom Association
  • Fresh juice making press
  • Children's folk games
  • Handicrafts
  • Green Island children’s activities yurt
  • Folk dancing with the Tekeres Band

On Stage:

10:00 - Opening
10:10 - Alsószuha Folk Singers
10:30 - Gömör Young Folk Dancers
11:00 - BTGE (Borsod-Torna-Gömör Egyesület) Local Development Strategy
12:30 – Dancehouse with the Tekergő Band
13:30 - Tempó percussion band (Ózd)
14:30 - Güsch! Band (Kazincbarcika)
16:00 - Macskazaj Folk Singers (Zubogy)

Additional Children’s Programme: Baradla Cave Gnome Tour (14:30)

download poster (Hungarian)

download invitation (Hungarian)


Location: Aggtelek

Meeting Point: square in front of the cave entrance

Tickets: Free

More Information and Booking: Tourinform–Aggtelek or

gomorke@gmail.com, Tel: 30/739-3647



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