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VIII International Vitézlő Challenge Tours April 13-14


VIII International Vitézlő Challenge Tours

Date: April 13-14, 2018

Location: the hills and valleys around Szendrő

A variety of spring tours for nature lovers of all ages. See here for details.

April 13:

  • Treasure Hunt Tour

April 14:

  • Hikes: 10, 15A, 15B, 25, 35, 50 km
  • Hike and Paddle Combo: 22 km hike and 2 km canoe trip on the Rakaca-Lake
  • Cycling Trips: 50, 80 km and 100 km.
  • Running: 10, 20 km
  • Canoeing: 10 km


Bring your registration card or certificate of participation to an Aggtelek National Park (ANP) ticket office on Sunday, April 15 and receive a 40% discount off the adult ticket price for daily cave tours.ANP will have its own stand at the tour departure point where brochures and further information is available.

Everyone is welcome!

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