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Musical Cave Tour: István Jeszenszky Concert of Light


Musical Cave Tour: István Jeszenszky Concert of Light

Date: Sunday, November 20, 2016

Time: 13:30

Meeting Point: Aggtelek Baradla Cave Entrance

Location: Hall of the Tiger, Baradla Cave

Tickets: Free, but donations at the concert are gratefully accepted

The musician has spent the last three years performing in Mexico, Mauritius and India. He has now returned to Hungary and will perform his music in the Baradla Cave with special guests Pablo Arellano (piano) from Mexico and Tara Eszter (zither, guitar, vocals).

Listening to healing music creates harmony in humans, restores the disrupted balance of body and soul and smoothes heartbeat and respiration. The Tibetan singing bowl, one of the many instruments Istvan plays, purifies, creates balance, fills with vitality and starts strong self-healing in the body. The resonance of these cosmic planetary sounds stimulates cortical areas through the auditory nerves, evoking many physiological effects. His other instruments include the Indian sarod, the tampoura, the Chinese magic water pot and percussions.

He talks about the secrets of the healing sounds like this: “The healing sound is born in a deep meditative state. Just sit in silence in nature. Let the ancient cosmic harmony probe deeply into your heart. Breathe slowly and listen to the songs of trees, plants and birds. Breathe together with spring, be the unfolding flower, breathe together with summer, with the miracle of completeness. Breathe together with autumn, with the passing of time and breathe together with the quiet stillness of winter. “

The special atmosphere and small size of the room does not lend itself to the use of chairs. Please bring your own foam mattresses to sit on around the musicians on the moist cement floor of the cavern.

There will not be any opportunity to leave the hall during the concert. Those who wish to take the normal Short Tour departing from Aggtelek, please join one of the normal tours departing at 13:00 or 15:00.

More Information: Tel: 06/48-503-000, naturinform.anp@gmail.com

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