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Péter Szablyár (1948-2013) Memorial Tour Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of his Birth, July 28


Péter Szablyár (1948-2013) Memorial Tour Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of his Birth

The Jósvafőért Foundation and the Abaúji Református Ifjúságért (ARI) Foundation cordially invite you to participate in the event on 28 July 2018 (Saturday).



Péter Szablyár became enamoured with the Aggtelek karst and caves during the student years. He regularly researched and explored the underground world as well as the natural and cultural treasures on the surface. His research, studies, articles, books and lectures have established and defined the scientific life of Aggtelek National Park for decades.

In 1994, he established the Jósvafő Village Museum in the in the former Szakál-portal farmhouse built in 1890.  He then set out to collect material representing the local history and values of the settlement. In addition, his name is associated with the twice annual Jósvafő Local History magazine. With his community-building role, he was a decisive figure in the Aggtelek Karst and its wider region. His work, his tenderness, and his spirit are an example for all those living in and for this land.

Péter Szablyár was put to rest in Jósvafő in 2013. Please join us for this special tour in his memory.

The detailed programme:

10.00: Gathering at the Village Museum, Greeting

10.00-13.00: Memorial Tour (Kecső Valley, Kis Galya, Research Station, Tohonya-bérc, Gergés Pasture) with tour guide Gábor Izápy

17.00-19.00 Village Museum Celebration

- Opening

- Jósvafő Singers (Kinga Székely)

- Installation of a Péter Szablyár Memorial Plaque

- Naming of the drinking well beside Pap-palló for Péter Szablyár

- Guided Tour of the Village Museum and Photo Exhibit about Péter Szablyár

- Presentation on the Life of Péter Szablyár

- Catering: soft drinks, mineral water, wine, scones

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