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Events in Special program

Magyar Nemzeti Parkok Hete event

Kedvezményes barlangtúrák (20%) és felszíni túrák (50 %).

Choir Festival, Aggtelek National Park event

Európai Nemzeti Parkok Napja event

Nyílt napok az Aggteleki Nemzeti Parkban. Természetismereti túrák, vizsgálódások, interaktív foglalkozások.

XVIII. Szilvásvárad-Aggtelek Bike Tour event

In celebration of the European Day of Parks, the Bükk and Aggtelek National Park Directorates annually organise a joint cycling tour between the two parks. The 75 km route from Szilvásvárad to Aggtelek passes through welve villages. There are plentiful natural and cultural history sights along the way. Games, prizes and free cave tour for participants.

Aggtelek National Park Open Day event

Celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the hucul herd at Aggtelek National Park.

Planet Prowl event

Observe the elusive planet Mercury as it transits in front of the Sun. Lecture and telescope observations.

Forest Tasting Tour event

By mid-April, the forests are already draped in bright green. The forests and meadows of the Aggtelek Karst are no exception; lush with enticingly colourful edible wild plants.

International Dark Sky Week at Aggtelek National Park event

Following a brief presentation at the Education Centre, there will be a short walking tour at night away from the light pollution to a place where guests can learn about the spring constellations through telescopes.

Into the Zug! event

The Bodrogzug is Hungary’s last remaining periodically flooded area. In early spring the undergrowth in forest groves are crowned with blue and white flowers, while the surrounding waters erupt with bird songs. The programme will be held only at low tide!

Easter Treasure Hunt, Aggtelek National Park event

Those that successfully negotiate the treasure hunt are guaranteed a gift at the end.

Week of Cave Tourism event

50% off standard adult tickets for the Rákóczi and Imre
Vass Cave tours during the week of March 21-27.

March: Month of Cave Tourism event

20% off standard adult tickets for the Baradla Cave Aggtelek Short Tour, Jósvafő Short Tour and Vörös-tó Intermediate Tour through the entire month of March.

New Years Gala 2015, Aggtelek National Park event

An evening of light opera favourites in the spectacular Baradla Cave Concert Hall.

20th Anniversary of Aggtelek National Park’s World Heritage Site Status event

20% off adult ticket prices on all daily cave tours

Meet Mikulás (Santa) in the Baradla Cave event

Groups of nursery, kindergarten and school children (up until the approximate age of 10) are invited on our special Mikulás (Santa) Tour in the Baradla Cave. The tour follows the Jósvafő short tour route, but includes a remarkable meeting with Mikulás from whom every child will receive a gift bag.