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Geotope Day, 2 Days - 2 Locations


Geologic Tour in the Zemplén Nature Reserve
As part of National Geotop Day, explore the geological treasures of the Zemplén. These formations attest to the active volcanism of the area millions of years ago. The tour is lead by a professional geologist. Hiking boots are recommended.

The 300-meter high hill dates from the geologic Tertiary period, and was created during through volcanic processes during the middle Miocene. The hill is predominantly pumiceous and silicified rhyolite. The hard, crystalline rock was very practical in the production of mill stones since the XV. Century. Manufacture decreased during the 19th century until the quarry was closed in 1907. Until that time, 300-450 handmade millstones had been made annually. A rise in the water table in 1844 led to water collecting in the Medieval quarry area found in the southwest corner. The abandoned quarry eventually formed a lake, and the area and the lake were declared a nature protection area in 1997.

Date and Time: October 1, 10:00

Location: Megyer Hill Glacial Tarn Nature Protection Area and Mill Stone Nature Trail

Meeting Point: Nagy-Bot-kő Geyser Cone, parking lot, Sárospatak

Distance and Duration: 6 km, 4 hours

Tickets: Free

Maximum number people: 30

More Information and Booking: Zemplén Nature Reserve Regional Office or Zsolt Veres www.foldtan.hu, (guide), vereszsolti@gmail.com,  06-20/32-77-555

Geotop Day in Aggtelek National Park

Explore the surface and underground karst formations in and around Esztramos Hill. Participants will learn about the history and development of these natural geologic formations. The programme: Rákóczi Cave, Földvári Aladár Cave, levels VI. and VII. of the former mine, as well as the surface karst covering the roof of the cave and mine system. 

Date and Time: October 8, 10:00

Location: Esztramos Hill, Bódvarákó

Meeting Point: Rákóczi Cave Ticket Office

Distance and Duration: 3 km, 3 hours

Tickets: adult tickets 3000 HUF, 1800 HUF for discount ticket categories

Attention! Since the tour will enter the Rákóczi Cave and steep metal ladders must be negotiated, there is a minimum age requirement of 10 years old for this tour.

More Information and Booking: advanced booking is required! Tourinform, Aggtelek,Tel: 06/48-503-000

naturinform.anp@gmail.com, and www.foldtan.hu

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