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Articles in Events
  • Winter Tour on Esztramos Hill and the Aladár Földvári Cave Events

    The surface tour also heads underground into the spectacular Aladár Földvári Cave which is normally closed to tourism. Check out the “cave popcorn” and “moon milk” karst formations! Hot mulled wine will await guests at the end of the tour.

  • Winter Hiking Tour 2017 Events

    Three of Jósvafő’s seven streams flow together in front of the Manor House Environmental Education Centre in Jósvafő - the Jósva, Kecső and Tohonya. From this peaceful place, the hike winds up the Tohonya Nature Trail to the Imre Vass Cave. Along the way, it is quite possible that we will see or hear signs of large predators such as wolves and lynx.

  • Musical Cave Tour: István Jeszenszky Concert of Light Events

    The musician has spent the last three years performing in Mexico, Mauritius and India. He has now returned to Hungary and will perform his music in the Baradla Cave with special guests Pablo Arellano (piano) from Mexico and Tara Eszter (zither, guitar, vocals).

  • Meet Mikulás (Santa) in the Baradla Cave Events

    Groups of nursery, kindergarten and school children (up until the approximate age of 10) are invited on our special Mikulás (Santa) Tour in the Baradla Cave. The tour follows the Jósvafő short tour route, but includes a remarkable meeting with Mikulás from whom every child will receive a gift bag.

  • Rervering Nature Walking Tour Events

    The guided hike will include visits to the Calvinist churches and national park protected monuments in the villages of Tornakápolna, Szinpetri, Jósvafő and Aggtelek. Along the way, enjoy the autumn foliage, forest fruit and splendid wildflowers, as well as the bellows of deer in rut.

  • Szeptemberi programjaink Events

    Fedezzük fel együtt Kelemér titkait, és hallgassuk meg a szarvasok bőgését a hűvösödő kora őszi estéken.

  • Bat Nights Events

    The bat is the 2016 mammal of the year. Presentation followed by observation and a demonstration of netting bats.