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Articles in Events
  • Wandering Over the Roof of the Baradla Cave Events

    When did the Devil plough around Aggtelek? Why haven’t the waters of Aggtelek Lake been drained by the cave? These and similar questions will be answered during this guided tour.

  • XIX. Bike Tour Aggtelek-Szilvásvárad Events

    In celebration of the European Day of Parks, the Bükk and Aggtelek National Park Directorates annually organise a joint cycling tour between the two parks. This year, in order to celebrate Bükk National Park’s 40th Birthday, the 75 km route departs from Aggtelek and ends in Szilvásvárad. Cyclists will pass through twelve villages. There are plentiful natural and cultural history sights along the way.

  • Evening Tours: May 2-6, 2017 Events

    The night forest becomes a romantic setting after sunset as the woods come alive with animal calls. Test your bravery and creep silently along with us over the karst to see what we can see.

  • Karst Adventure: : May 2-5, 2017 Events

    Explore both the surface and underground karst world on a guided hike which includes imaginative and engaging environmental education exercises. Groups may also choose to only participate in one part of the two-part programme. (environmental education programme for schools)

  • Forest Tasting Tour Events

    By mid-April, the forests are already draped in bright green. The forests and meadows of the Aggtelek Karst are no exception; lush with enticingly colourful edible wild plants.

  • Saint George Day Horse Roundup, Aggtelek National Park Events

    The spring roundup has been postponed due to bad weather. We will inform you of the new date soon!
    Enjoy the babbling brooks and tinkling springs on the way to visit the national park’s herd of free-roaming hucul horses in their eye-catching natural splendour as they are rounded up and moved to their Spring pasture.

  • Easter Weekend Programmes Events

    Április 14 -15 -16 -17. 10:00 -16:00
    Húsvéti kincskeresés
    Április 15 -16 -17. 10:00 -16:00
    Szalamandra Játszóház

  • SPRING IS HERE: a musical event Events

    Students from the Reményi Ede Primary Arts School and the Ménes Valley Knowledge Foundation Primary School will perform pieces of music.

  • Tour of the Romantic Telekes Valley Events

    Appreciate with us the first harbingers of spring. In some places one can see carpets of snow drops and scilla or squills during a guided hike through the romantic Telekes Valley, The route follows the narrow valley carved by the Telekes Stream, ending at Devil’s Dam.