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Archives in 2015 June
  • Insect of the Year 2015: Firefly bug News

    UNESCO, drawing attention to the importance of the role of light in our lives, has chosen the 2015 Year of the Light. It is only appropriate then that the large firefly has been chosen as 2015’s Insect of the Year.

  • Ünnepi árak ajándékboltjainkban News

    Harminc évesek lettünk, húsz éve a Világörökség része az Aggteleki-karszt barlangjai. A dupla ünnep alkalmából ünnepi árakkal várjuk kedves látogatóinkat.

  • Bird of the Year 2015, The Hoopoe News

    The Hoopoe was already named Bird of the Year in 1989 and 1990 by the Hungarian Bird and Nature Conservation Society (MME). The bird is found everywhere from Spain to China, and as far north as the shores of the Baltic Sea.

  • Mammal of the Year 2015: The Ground Squirrel News

    Ground squirrels are strictly protected in Hungary, and carry a 250000 Huf fine for killing one. The mammals breed only onc a year. Unlike other mammals that hibernate from the end of summer through the very end of winter, the male squirrels awake early and prepare their territory for their longer sleeping mates.

  • English Oak, 2015 Tree of the Year News

    Hungarians have long respected the English oak. As they conquered their way west over the wooded steppes through the Carpathian Basin, the species was a common sight.

  • Dr. György Dénes (1923-2015) News

    We are saddened to have to announce the passing away of Dr. György Dénes; jurist, historian, geographer, senior scientific advisor, a cave researcher and organiser of the First Secretary of the Hungarian Karst and Speleological Society (1958) and later honorary chairman.

  • Hungarian-Slovak Cooperation Agreement News

    On April 16, 2015 Director of the Slovakian State Conservation Office (Štátna ochrana prírody Slovenskej Republiky - SR SOP) Milan Boroš and Balázs Veress, Director of Aggtelek National Park signed a cooperation agreement between the two organisations.

  • Two-Day Photography Tour, Aggtelek National Park News

    The two-day programme in Aggtelek National Park is for amateaurs, led by professional guides and photographers. The programme includes guided surface tours, the Baradla and Imre Vass Caves, and a visit to the hucul horse pasture. This tour is jointly organised by ANP, the Ministry of Agriculture and Varázslatos Magyarország.