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Articles in News
  • OMÉK 2015 News

    National Agriculture and Food Exhibition 2015 The 77th National Agricultural and Food Exhibition (OMÉK), one of the oldest agri-business events in Hungary, was held again in Budapest this year on September 23-27.

  • Ünnepi konferencia News

    This page is not yet available in English. For information, please contact treehuggerdan.anpi@gmail.com

  • Forest Visiting Restriction News

    Therefore, in order to prevent accidental shootings during deer rutting season September 4 - October 11, 2015, visiting the forest from 16:00 – 9:00 is prohibited.

  • Rutting Deer Tour News

    The magical autumn evenings when the deer are in rut are not to be missed.

  • International Dark Sky Park News

    The effects of light pollution are not often discussed, but it is at least as large a problem as other forms of pollution. 2015 is the International Year of Light, and to celebrate this occasion Aggtelek National Park has organised night constellation tours and firefly tours.

  • October programs News

    International Bird Watching Day, Matt the goblin investigate, Geotope Day Tour...

  • One Day at the Aggteleki National Park News

    Last week, Ambassador Bell and the Embassy’s Regional Environmental, Science & Technology, and Health Hub Office for Central and Eastern Europe visited Aggtelek National Park.

  • Dawn Procession News

    One of our colleagues recently caught a rare sight on film. Many people walking through the woods have probably seen a wild boar, but few have seen an adult leading a procession of piglets.